Elaine's Helping Hands





As a family, we decided to get together and do something special for the children

in one of our poorest communities in Mitchell's Plain.


We had gathered all our used toys, still working though, cleaned them up, wrapped

them for Christmas presents to present to the children. Between four of our

children in the family, we gathered 100 presents!


We had two large 40L pots of food; we made a salad to accompany the food as well

as 100 individual custard and jellies for dessert.


This was the start of Elaine's Helping Hands!


December 25, 2020 - Christmas morning feeding 100 children in Tafelsig, a community in

Western Cape, Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town.


These kids in the community were provided with a hearty warm meal and Christmas

presents. Most of the children in these communities do not get Christmas

presents like the rest of us. We felt we wanted to change some of their lives

so that they too can experience what our kids do every Christmas.


We drove to Tafelsig Community Clinic, set up our table, with the food, salad, and puddings. We set out the presents, had Farther Christmas all dressed up and ready for the Children. Within minutes there were children and parents around us.  


Our plan was to spend two hours with them but within a space of less than an hour,

our pots were empty and all the presents were handed to the children.


It was very sad to turn children away with no food and no presents,  So this year we are spending more time planning because our aim is to cater for 250 children.


As a family, this was a very humbling experience!


We started the registration process for Elaine's Helping Hands, early in January

2021 and now we are here.


In July 2021, we received our NPO number from Social Services.


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