Born out of a passion for creating connection, Hers&His aims to create cohesion between humans in a world that is increasingly divisive.


The Cultivating Connection @Work program assists organisations to create a culture of inclusion & collaboration in the workplace through the power of curiosity, connection, and action.


This is achieved through understanding and embracing difference, counteracting bias, and developing skills to connect with others in the workplace, face-to-face and online.


Our ‘connection technology’ enables difficult, often uncomfortable, conversations on topics pertinent to growth, diversity, inclusion, and transformation and uses ‘meeting spaces’ as an intentional and sustained process that creates personal and cultural change. These may be all-gender or Wo/Men's dialogue and connection sessions.


Our primer and keynote talks are authentic, honest, engaging, humorous and at times, uncomfortable. They get to the heart of disconnect in organisations and show how to create spaces that people want to work in that increase connection, collaboration, innovation, and impact the bottom line.


We run workshops that build awareness and teach skills which enable connection, collaboration and cohesion and at the same time touch at least 8 key business performance points including DE&I, productivity, troubleshooting, collaboration, innovation, conflict resolutions, customer engagement, and staff morale.


If lack of connection is the problem, Cultivating Connection is part of the solution to getting people engaging and collaborating, for the individual and the business.

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