The Fix With Righteous



from 6 reviews
"It was like reliving my Past but I Pray to God lo leave it in that HALL on that day, that Service was meant for my EARS and am glad to be part of such wonderful event so that I can be healed and FIX others as well."
- Christabel Thembo
"very much insightful "
- Anonymous
"Everything was perfect, forgiveness is important, i learn to throw the stone that am carrying which is so heavy on me by unforgiveness n to let go, n to let God"
- Anonymous
"This is full day event,next time may we worship for little longer with Mrs Amana...Ohhh the Guy with trumpet(what is called hahaha u get me) .The band was amazing...hospitality on point.MC ohhhh Miracle was just great.Innocent was on fire.Beside starting late OHHHH MY FIX all went well God be the glory"
- Mamokone VIP

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