The Daisy Jones Bar



The Daisy Jones bar was founded in 2020 by the clan of music-loving fanatics who started OMG. It is situated between the vineyards on the picturesque Summerhill Wines farm on the outskirts of Stellenbosch. Intoxicating, magical memories await.


from 57 reviews
"The venue was fantastic. The music brilliant and the staff very friendly. I will be back"
- Anonymous
"The band played very well. Also enjoyed the venue. Will definitely watch another gig at the Daisy Jones Bar. "
- Marcel
"What a way to end this abnormal year. She is just fabulous, we enjoyed the show so much. This was our first time visiting the venue, we will most certainly be back next year. Staff was awesome!! Thanks for a great date night out!!!"
- Vanessa
"I have never been to this venue, but it was great! I will definitely be back. Valiant was brilliant and the sound was perfect. All round a great evening! Thank you! "
- Kasandra
"Show was super awesome. Pryse van drankies en pizza is goed. Personeel baie behulpsaam en vriendelik Toilette kort net handwash asb."
- Anonymous

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