Kalk Bay Theatre



from 503 reviews
"So wonderfully entertaining. Honestly the perfect evening to share with friends! I'd go weekly if I could."
- Jamie
"Amazingly entertaining, professional act. Loved the small theatre intimate atmosphere. Totally fun evening."
- Janie
"We all really enjoyed the show. It was world-class. A great privilege to be able to see this show at the Brass Bell."
- Johann
"10 stars and highly, highly recommend! This is one of my favorite nights out! I love coming to the theatre because there is so much talent there, but it is equally fun, interactive, authentic and intimate. I’ve gone on my own, for a first date, with friends and now most recently for my birthday and have been blown away and left wanting more every time. It’s a love-hate moment for me when they perform their last song. Thank you KBT!"
- Jamie
"Great light-hearted entertainment - fun atmosphere and a great evening out "
- Angie

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