ASIA - Passive Income Fast Start - Jakarta Indonesia

Wed Mar 11, 09:00 - Wed Mar 11, 21:00
Singapore - Venue to be confirmed


Find out what Passive Income is & how to create financial freedom

Passive income is a success mindset, it is not working harder but smarter. It is the realisation that there are opportunities to learn new ways of earning extra money. Passive income is revenue received when you are not actively working unlike active income which stops coming in if you do not work.

Work Your Wealth, educating and teaching people from all walks of life on how to get involved with Passive Income, Digital currencies through innovative technology. Hedge yourself against the devaluation of currencies and the Old Money System and embrace the Digital Currency Revolution.

Using residual income to create passive income streams can be the key to financial freedom, so transform a dream into reality with planning and focus and by using tried and tested wealth building strategies.

What you will learn at this event:

  • What is Passive Income
  • How to use residual income to create passive income streams
  • How to get started with Digital Assets globally using safe and secure platforms
  • How to invest in property
  • How to trade on the global markets
  • How to hedge yourself against the upcoming Global Financial Crisis
  • How to invest in Gold
  • Industry expert, tips, tricks and strategies that no one else is using


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