Unlock your natural energy in the workplace

Tue Mar 24, 18:00 - Tue Mar 24, 21:00
To be confirmed


Learn how the Contribution Compass, a powerful personal and team profiling methodology, will help you get every member of your team into their zone of flow. By understanding the natural energy on your board or in your team, you can maximise the contribution and engagement of the most important part of your business, your people! When using the Contribution Compass tool, you will deepen engagement, build effective and productive teams and improve the communication which will drive business performance. Unlock your natural energy and unleash your greatness by attending our workshop! 

Discussion points:

  • How to improve your board engagement by understanding the natural energies your board members bring to the business
  • Why it is important to have an balance of strengths in your board/teams to improve effectiveness and communication
  • Understanding your profile and understanding the profiles of your board/teams

The Contribution Compass guides and supports employees, business owners, HR managers, recruiters and coaches, to name a few. Learn how Contribution Compass can support you in your journey to maximise your contribution. 

When purchasing your ticket you will receive a complimentary token to find out what your natural energy profile is.

Date: 24 March 2020

Time: 18:00 - 21:00

Venue: To be advised

Cost: $25

For more information regarding this event, please contact Farah Esmail on 072 820 2681 or on [email protected]


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