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The African Grassroots' Revolution in the 21st Century

Sat Dec 17, 20:00 - Sat Dec 17, 22:00

Event is online


The world is in crisis, and there are only two ways to look at this crisis: the way of the elite and the way of the people, and each way is a track of solution, namely the solution of the elite and the people's solution. Often, it is the elites' interpretation of the crisis and their solutions that has been favored, and the result is a cycle of inequality, wars and massive suffering that has brought the world closer to its implosion. We argue that perhaps the hope of the world in general and of Africa in particular lies in the interpretation of the crisis and the solution of the masses. In this conference, we aim to bring you the revolutionary perspective of the popular interpretation of the crisis and its solution.

You will be able to learn the following in this event:

1. The concept of revolution and why an African people's revolution is needed in the 21st century.

2. How can the African masses make their voices heard with force and influence.

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