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Authentic Relating for couples

Sun Sep 25, 18:00 - Sun Sep 25, 20:30

de Ruimte


Think you know everything about you partner? This workshop will show you there's more.

This is not couples therapy, but rather an opportunity to deepen & strengthen communication skills with your loved one AND have a bit of fun along the way ?? ?

Whether you've just started dating or been married for years, I invite you to gather together for an Authentic Relating workshop designed specifically for romantic relationships to deepen their self-awareness, together.

As a couple, you will play a series of AR games that will allow you to understand one another's perspectives even better, encouraging you to respond more effectively to your and their needs. It's also a great way to add a bit of play and depth to your connection!

Authentic Relating is an interpersonal meditation. It is the practice of acting and speaking from a place of heartfelt vulnerability and deep presence, allowing us to be in alignment with our deepest feelings and weave a richer, more truthful human experience.

"This workshop was a game changer for me. I'm blown away on a daily basis as to how easy communicating and relating has been since doing Laurie's incredible workshop" - Andy

"Laurie led us through a series of games and exercises that allowed us to open up and create very real bonds with others and with our own selves. Many emotions were felt in the safest, most welcoming environment" - Jason

This workshop is open to all couples: opposite-sex, same-sex, nonbinary, monogamous, polyamorous, and more.


Cost: €65 per couple. Limited spaces available through Quicket.

Location: de Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79A, 1091 EJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Time: Doors open at 18.00. Workshop begins at 18.10. No latecomers.

Intoxicants: This is an alcohol and drug free event. There will however be plenty of tea available ??

About the facilitator:

I'm Laurie, and I am dedicated to enabling human-to-human relationships to arise, deepen and flourish. I have organised and facilitated over 200 Authentic Relating, Dating and Embodiment workshops in Oceania and Europe. My training includes the Authentic Life Course, the International School of Temple Arts, and the Connection Institute. My portfolio includes internationally acclaimed festivals such as Stretch, and organisations such as ART International.


My workshops have sparked thousands of nourishing connections, turning many strangers into life-long friends. I look forward to holding space for you!

For more details, go to my website:


Authentic Relating for couples
de Ruimte
Weesperzijde 79A, 1091 EJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
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