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Authentic Relating: An Interpersonal Meditation (full day immersion)

Sat Apr 9, 10:00 - Sat Apr 9, 17:30

Moestuinlaan 8


Are you tired of chit-chatty convos that just skim the surface? 

Are you seeking more genuine, present, heart-centred humans in your life?

Are you desiring a safe space to really see and be seen?

All parts of you are welcome to this full day deep dive into the enriching practice of Authentic Relating

Authentic Relating is an interpersonal meditation. It is the practice of listening and speaking from a place of presence and sensation, allowing us to weave richer and more truthful connections.

You are invited to explore your curiosity and vulnerability, in awareness of your boundaries. In pairs, threes and the whole group, we will play some Authentic Relating games, including 'Circling'.

Circling is an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal group process that’s equal parts art form, meditation, and group conversation — all designed to allow a visceral experience of connection and understanding of another person’s world, celebrating who and where they are right now.

Together, we will create a rich container to explore each of our human experiences: our secrets, treasures, and triggers. Through Authentic Relating and Circling, we can enquire, understand and celebrate the realness of interpersonal dynamics. 

There will also be a half hour yoga practice at the beginning of the day to fully invite you into your body and ground you in the space.

i to i Authentic Relating workshops have been a big hit across Oceania, Africa & Europe. Here's what others have said:

"i to i was a game changer for me. I'm blown away on a daily basis as to how easy communicating and relating has been since doing Laurie's incredible workshop"

- Andy, Auckland, NZ

"Laurie led us through a series of games and exercises that allowed us to open up and create very real bonds with others and with our own selves. Many emotions were felt in the safest most welcoming environment"

- Jason, Wellington, NZ

"I felt so deeply and beautifully seen, heard and held by everyone in the group, and that was in large part because of Laurie's gift of facilitation"

- Megan, Cape Town, South Africa

"I'm amazed at how your workshops continue to lift me up. It's such a delight to meet new people, genuinely, and feel the warmth and excitement of budding connections"

- Doug, Portland, United States


When: Saturday 9th April, 10 - 17.30.

Where: Moestuinlaan 8, 1036 KH Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Cost: €50. Limited spaces available through Quicket. Book now to avoid disappointment. If finances are a barrier please contact me.

Food: Tea and coffee provided. Please bring snacks and packed lunch.

About the facilitator:

I'm Laurie, and I love holding space for human-to-human connections to arise, deepen and flourish. I have facilitated over 200 Authentic Relating and Authentic Dating workshops in Oceania and Europe, including online, at festivals, and within organisations. My workshops have sparked thousands of nourishing connections, turning many strangers into life-long friends :)

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Authentic Relating: An Interpersonal Meditation (full day immersion)
Moestuinlaan 8
1106 CS Amsterdam, Netherlands
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