Tarot for Beginners: International Students

Tue Jan 18, 18:00 - Tue Jan 18, 19:30



Tarot for Beginners – Online

8 weeks Foundation course

Presenter: Sole Chirco 

Event Type: Weekly Classes

Event Date(s): 18 January - 15 March (Excludes 8 Feb)

Day and Time: Tuesdays 6pm – 7.30pm (UK)

Booking and Payment Deadline: 

10 January

Cost: £140 International Registration | Payment Plan Available (3 Instalments of £47 with the first being due 10 January via direct payment) by contacting [email protected]

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Curious about tarot but don't know where to start? This course will teach you how to go from complete newbie to understand card meanings as well as performing readings for yourself and others even if you never even touched a tarot deck before.

This course is perfect for you if:

·       You want to learn tarot, but you feel lost every time you try 

·       You find books overwhelming and prefer learning by doing

·       You have some basic knowledge but need a little structure

Things you’ll learn:

·       How to UNDERSTAND, not memorise, card meanings

·       The structure of the tarot

·       The difference between Major and Minor Arcana

·       The four suits and their elemental associations

·       We will also take a deep dive in the Majors to follow the Fool’s journey

In addition, you will learn how to care for your deck, how to formulate empowering questions and read one to three-card layouts. This is a very interactive course with plenty of time to practice your skills and gain confidence reading for others.

This a foundation course suitable for anyone with little or no knowledge of tarot including absolute beginners. All participants should bring their tarot deck. We recommend a traditional Rider Waite Smith pack as a great option for beginners.

Course programme

Week 1 – Tarot structure, introduction to the four suits 

Week 2 – Binary Decoding Method, Pentacles, shuffling techniques

Week 3 – Cups, how to formulate empowering questions 

Week 4 – Wands, the power of context in tarot, card pairings 

Week 5 – Swords, reading reversals 

Week 6 – Major Arcana (part 1), ethics and boundaries

Week 7 – Major Arcana (part 2), introduction to three-card readings 

Week 8 – Mastering three-card readings, cleansing your deck, troubleshooting 

What’s included

·       Eight highly interactive lessons delivered via Zoom (1.5 hours each)

·       Fun homework and exercises to improve your skills

·       A supportive WhatsApp community where you can share experiences with other students and swap readings

·       Coaching in between lessons and feedback on readings (via the dedicated WhatsApp group)

·       Course slides and notes

·       Book recommendations

·       Certificate of attendance 



“I have loved this course, Sole’s delivery and provision of information has been excellent. I feel I have completed a personal journey which has given me a connection I didn’t realise I was lacking. I owned my tarot cards for around 6 years without even opening them but now I love them.”


“Sole was a fantastic teacher - gave us plenty of practical guidance and feedback in the WhatsApp group where we did homework in between classes was as important for the learning as the classes were, and Sole gave us so much of her time and knowledge to help us understand the cards. I came away from the course feeling confident that I understand the structure of the tarot and basic card meanings and how to do basic 1-3 card readings. I'm looking forward to learning further with Sole.”


“Fantastic course, very informative, empowering. Just wonderful and amazing!”


"AMAZING! Sole really knows her stuff and I learned a lot. I finally feel confident to do readings without the help of Google. Thank you, Sole!"


"Great insight on all the cards and their interpretation, a good way to get confidently started” Elise

"Very informative, great course, great tutor"


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