Psychic Development Intermediate: International Students

Wed Jan 26, 18:00 - Wed Jan 26, 19:30


Psychic Development Intermediate - Online

8 weeks Intermediate online course

Presenter(s): Eloise Eksteen

Event Type: Weekly Classes

Event Date(s): Wednesdays 26th Jan - 16th March

Day and Time: Wednesdays 6pm – 7.30pm UK time

Booking and Payment Deadline: 

17 January

Price: £120.00 International Residents    

Interview Required: 


This intermediate class is for students who have already attained a good, solid foundation and are now looking to move to the next level with their psychic development. You will be encouraged to step outside your comfort zone and focus on improving the accuracy, quality and content of your work, all within a safe and supportive environment.

We will fine tune and do a dive deep into each of our psychic senses:

  • Clairvoyance - seeing
  • Clairaudience - hearing
  • Clairgaustance - taste
  • Clairalience - smell
  • Clairsentience - feeling/sensing
  • Automative - writing
  • Claircognizance - knowing

We will build our psychic vocabulary in doing readings with clarity, detail and meaning for others and ourselves and learn the power of automatic writing.

Interview required.

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