Kiwiburn 2021 - The Mythical Picnic

Wed Jan 27, 09:00 - Mon Feb 1, 10:00
The Paddock

NOTE: Everyone is required to show ID at the gate which matches the name on their ticket. Please use the legal name on your ID!


Kiwiburn is New Zealand's Regional Burning Man Event.

There will be art installations, people in costume, fire spinners, drummers, and musicians... bring your passion and share your dreams. Build something. Fly something. Float something. Burn Something... bring it to Kiwiburn!

For its 17th year, Kiwiburn celebrates The Mythical Picnic!

You will need to create a Kiwiburner Profile to be able to buy a ticket. This will streamline the ticketing process so it’s more robust, secure and efficient. Everyone attending the event needs a Kiwiburner Profile, and everyone needs a ticket with their legal name which matches their ID.

The ticket price is comprised of two fees totaling $195.00 plus Quicket transaction fee:

  • $15.00 annual membership subscription to Kiwiburn (non-refundable)
  • $180.00 event attendance fee (refundable in line with Kiwiburn T&Cs and Covid-19 policy)

There are no Gate sales.

Kiwiburn is an experiment in temporary community. No money changes hands, and you have to bring everything you'll need to survive, and Leave No Trace. To learn more, please read the Survival Guide

Visit for more information.

Tickets will be going on sale at 10am on 3 October 2020. In order to purchase a ticket you will first need to be registered - this takes time so do it prior to the sale.

BURNER REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Please login to Quicket, then click on the TICKETS link on the right to access registration, or click here once logged in.


All tickets will be subject to agreement with Kiwiburn's COVID-19 policy.

If any part of the country is in anything other than level 1 (and with the understanding that level 0 is unlikely by January), the event will NOT go ahead. 

If the event has to be cancelled due to any part of the country going to Level 2 or higher, and there being insufficient time to return to level 1, the following Refund Policy will take effect:

  • The $15 annual Society membership fee (which has always been a part of any Ticket sale and is part of our Society Rules) is non-refundable The membership fee enables the basic and year round financial obligations of Kiwiburn to be fulfilled
  • The remainder of the face value price of the Ticket ($180) will be refunded in full to each ticket purchaser 
  • Note: The ticket purchaser is the person who paid for the ticket. If the ticket has been sold on privately or another person paid for your ticket, they will get refunded and you will need to sort things out with them. 
  • We will release a statement about ongoing costs incurred to date, depending on the timing of any cancellation
  • You may choose to gift your entire refund to Kiwiburn by declining the refund, or make a donation of a chosen amount via a separate method (e.g. Givealittle, in particular if a cancellation occurs close to the event and a lot of costs have been incurred already.)

A Frequently Asked Questions section is available on the Kiwiburn website, which will continue to evolve as time goes by, which covers Covid Measures and Covid Refund policy questions.

Additional information

Refund policy No refunds


Kiwiburn 2021 - The Mythical Picnic
The Paddock
136 Cooks Road, Hunterville 4783, New Zealand
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